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Throwing Like a Girl

By: Swampish

Image from

Image from

Mo’Ne Davis, 13-year-old pitcher for Philadelphia’s Taney Dragons, pitched a complete game shut-out against Newark’s National Little League to win the Mid-Atlantic Regionals on Sunday. The victory secured the Taney Dragons a spot in the Little League World Series. Their first game will be on Friday, Aug. 15, against South Nashville, airing on ESPN.

Emma March of South Vancouver will also play in the tournament, marking only the third time that two girls have played in the same Series since the 1974 rule change that allowed girls to play. Davis and March will bring the total number of girls to play in the Little League World Series up to 18.

Congrats to Davis and March, whose tournament play will no doubt continue to challenge perceptions of what it really means to throw and run “like a girl.” Watch the Always #LikeAGirl ad below to see the stereotypes Davis, March, and girls everywhere are shattering.



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