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Highlights from the International Theater Festival in Okinawa, Japan

By: Swampish

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the International Theater Festival OKINAWA for Young Audiences.  The festival presents performing arts productions, workshops, and seminars for children as well as adults, and is devoted to creating a place where children can deepen their sensitivity and humanity by participating in the festival with performers and community members.

Among the exciting, international performances on the bill this year are:

“Woodbeat” (Helios Theater, Germany)

A percussionist and a puppeteer take their audience on a fascinating journey into wooden pictures and the sound of wood. They create figures and creatures, objects and tools and find out what wood can become in surprisingly new ways.”

“Zukkapaitupumbula” (Loiske Ensemble/ISIS Theatre, Finland)

“Zukkapaitupumbula is a sensitive, communicative babydance performance for the smallest spectators. It stimulates senses through beautiful melodies, enjoyable rhythms and a joy of dancing. Zukkapaitupumbula invites the audience to experience the magical moment of performance together.”

“Hop” (Nevski Prospekt, Belgium)

“HOP is a theatrical experience that happens in front of, between and over the heads of the audience. The performance is based on the myth of Icarus and inspired by the inventions of Gustav Mesmer, an outsider-artist who, after he had been institutionalised for 35 years, ended up in a mountain village where he kept looking for a way to fly over the valley relying solely on manpower.”

Read about last year’s performances here, and view the full program for this year’s festival here!


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