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Works in Progress: Bishnupriya Chowdhury

To showcase what is currently happening in the swamp, Swampish will periodically feature works in progress by UF or Gainesville community members.

Our first work in progress comes from Bishnupriya Chowdhury, who lives in Gainesville and is currently at work on a project that combines narrative, poetry, and pen and ink drawings in an attempt to capture and recreate childhood memories.

Read Bishnu’s description and view a few images of her project below:

“Well, this thing, slowly taking the form of a book is a fishnet of words, images, and holes with which I try  to catch the fast dissolving remnants of  my childhood.  As I walk back, I am blind-folded and led by the  mob called memory.  I try not to ask them about the date (they lie, mostly).  They never say where I am being taken or why, and never say good bye before they vanish leaving me on the empty street.  When I come back I write and draw whatever little whispers I heard around, whatever little things I saw through the slit of my fold…”

She was born...

Down the dark alleys...

The pale white girl...

If you’d like to learn more about Bishnu’s work, contact her here:


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